Thanks for helping improve Django GraphQL Auth!

All kinds of contributions are welcome:

  • Bug fixes
  • Documentation improvements
  • New features
  • Refactoring
  • Fix some typo
  • Write more tests

Getting started

If you have a specific contribution in mind, be sure to check the issues and projects in progress - someone could already be working on something similar and you can help out.

Project setup

After cloning this repo, ensure dependencies are installed by running:

make dev-setup


pip install tox

Running tests

After developing, you can run tests with:

# python=3.7 and django=3.0
make test

You can specify versions, for the full list see the tox.ini file.

# python=3.6 and django=2.2
make test p=36 d=22

Test directly with tox:


Single file test shortcut:

# run only tests in tests/
make test-file f=register

For live testing on a django project, you can use the testproject. Create a different virtualenv, install the dependencies again and run:

cd testproject
make install-local v=<CURRENT VERSION IN graphql_auth.__init__>

Opening Pull Requests

Please fork the project and open a pull request against the master branch.

This will trigger a series of tests and lint checks.

We advise that you format and run lint locally before doing this to save time:

make format
make lint


The documentation is generated using the excellent MkDocs with material theme.

The documentation dependencies are installed by running:

pip install -r docs/requirements.txt

Then to produce a HTML version of the documentation, for live editing:

make serve

It will run the docs/ script before building the docs.